Residential Solar Electric

West Indies Solair Solar Electric Systems just can’t be beat when it comes to Grid Tied or Emergency Power. Quiet, no fuel, minimal maintenance, and fully automatic.
A Grid-Tied batteryless system will only produce power for your home, when the gird is on, thereby reducing what you buy from the utility. When the grid goes down, your solar panels/inverter will stop producing power. This protects the grid from being energized by an inverter that is “islanding”, that is producing power and sending it out to the loads in the immediate vicinity of the inverter, such as your neighbors. It is unsafe to energize the grid when the utility is down and all sine wave inverters we sell are certified by UL and IEEE to protect against “islanding”

An Emergency Power system (it has batteries) using a Sine Wave inverter, will still produce power to lower your consumption from the utility, (after the batteries have been charged), and depending on the inverter, you may even be able to “sell” power, spinning your meter backwards, (which creates a credit for you).But when the grid fails, you will still have power to run the selected loads in your home, from the batteries, until they are discharged. Now when the grid fails, the lights will stay on and you do not need to immediately start your generator. Depending on battery size and your load, the battery may provide hours, or days, of Emergency Power, w/o needing to start a Generator!

Solar panels will charge the batteries during the day, and the inverter can also charge the batteries using utility or generator power.

If we don't have what you want in the realm of Renewable Energy products, we can get it for you, at a competitive price.

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Solar Electric Systems

just can't be beat when it comes to Emergency Power; quiet, no fuel, and minimal maintenance, and fully automatic.

Hot Water Systems

is not an expense, it is an Investment in Our Future. You will see savings on your electric bills of as much as 20% -30%.

Solar Pool Heaters

offer a more warmer winter swim without the continuing overhead of fuel. Minimal maintenance and fully automatic!