About West Indies Solair

West Indies Solair Solar Pool Heaters offer a more warmer winter swim without the continuing overhead of fuel usage.
General Information on Solar Pool Heater.

Find the surface area of your pool (length times width). If you have a south facing (within 15 degrees) roof with a slope of 15-20 degrees you will get better performance and may get enough heat out of 75% of the pool area in panels. For less ideal solar conditions (shade, flat roof) or greater thermal loss from the pool (very windy, exposed sides/bottom) you may need 100% or more of the surface area in panels. All pools lose heat through the sides and off the surface. Your Pool will be warmer if you minimize these losses!

Panels are 30, 40 and 50sq. ft each and if many are needed, may need to be in multiple rows. They are light weight and need to be properly secured to minimize risk of being blown off or damaged in high winds. Automatic controls are available so that the water flow will not go through the panels when solar conditions are minimal, (when it is raining), thereby cooling the pool. Your solar heater may be used for cooling the pool during the summer when it is too hot just by turning the thermostat on the automatic control down to a cooler setting and allowing the pool filtration pump, (which is often used to push water through the panels) to run at night.

If we don't have what you want in the realm of Renewable Energy products, we can get it for you, at a competitive price.

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Solar Electric Systems

just can't be beat when it comes to Emergency Power; quiet, no fuel, and minimal maintenance, and fully automatic.

Hot Water Systems

is not an expense, it is an Investment in Our Future. You will see savings on your electric bills of as much as 20% -30%.

Solar Pool Heaters

offer a more warmer winter swim without the continuing overhead of fuel. Minimal maintenance and fully automatic!