welcome to west indies solair.

West Indies Solair sells and installs SOLAR, Domestic Hot water, Pool Heater, Photovolataic (PV) Panel/Systems and Mobil Solar Generator Systems. We maitain an inventory of Solar Panels, Solar Storage Tanks, Solar Circulators, and PV Panels of all sizes. 

If we don't have what you want in the realm of Renewable Energy products, we can get it for you, at a competitive price.

Just give us a call at 340-773-4790

Solar Electric Systems

just can't be beat when it comes to Emergency Power; quiet, no fuel, and minimal maintenance, and fully automatic.

Hot Water Systems

is not an expense, it is an Investment in Our Future. You will see savings on your electric bills of as much as 20% -30%.

Solar Pool Heaters

offer a more warmer winter swim without the continuing overhead of fuel. Minimal maintenance and fully automatic!